Is music your passion??

Do you desire to work professionally in the music sector?

Join, trusted music industry veterans, Brian Frasier-Moore and Justin C. Gilbert for an illuminating 2 hour seminar May 10th in Atlanta, GA.

The event will take place in the Margaret Mitchell Room of The Courtyard Atlanta Downtown promptly at 6pm.

(133 Carnegie Way, Atlanta GA 30303)

Attendees will have the opportunity to be enlightened by 2 of today’s most highly sought after musicians and businessmen.

With several decades of touring, television and recording under their belts, our hosts are equipped with invaluable insight. Topics related to the business of live entertainment will be discussed as well as how to achieve longevity in the music industry.

If you are serious about where you aspire to be then this is the seminar for you!

Refreshing theories! Encouraging Environment! Realizations! Vulnerability! Non-Stop Hustling! Websites! Social Media! Presentations! Who’s Hiring! What are they looking for! Whats the best way to... !

All of these topics and more will be discussed in detail. Sometimes you just need to hear other trusted perspectives.