Welcome to the Virtual Reality World of Brian Frasier-Moore.

Take a 360 degree virtual look into my everyday interactions as I talk about my career and the steps it took to accomplish some of the biggest moments in my journey.

This documentary "A Day In The Life Of Brian Frasier-Moore" was filmed in Melbourne, Australia during Madonna's "Rebel Heart" Tour 2015-2016.

From interviews on stage to VR clinics at Melbourne's Drumtek this documentary will allow viewers an opportunity to experience my truth, passion, dedication, and hard work in 360 degree virtual reality.

Imagine having the capabilities to explore the streets of Melbourne, take a front row seat at BFM Clinics and experience the action behind the scenes of the "Rebel Heart" tour all from your phone or home. Just throw on your Eyeora 360 headsets and enjoy "A day in the life of Brian Frasier-Moore".

See you there!

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